Since its chartering on July 29, 1955, the Ontario-Upland-Rancho Branch has enjoyed a long history of community involvement and activism at the local, state and National levels of AAUW.

Throughout the years, OUR branch has written three grants to support issues we felt were important to the community.  Each was funded through the Educational Foundation, now known at AAUW Fund.

The first was a Community Action Grant in 1978 as a Story Hour for children at Los Olivos Housing Authority in Upland for the purpose of increasing the English vocabulary of Spanish speaking children and introduce the use of the Upland Library. In 1988, we received a Focus Grant entitled Project Portfolio to the Future which focused on assisting students in the Pregnant Minors program at Valley View High School.  In 1995 we received a Research and Project Grant which funded a two-day workshop presentation for U.S. History teachers in the surrounding junior high and high schools, public and private. The focus of Women’s History: Expanding the Focus of What We Teach was to encourage teachers to become more knowledgeable and incorporate more women’s history into their curriculum and classroom teaching. In 2004, we launched a program called the Dictionary Project, in which OUR branch donated dictionaries every year to all third graders in the largest district within our service area.